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Continuous delivery with the help of Postman

Avatar of Philip Myers Philip Myers, Staff Software Engineer

SageSure enables continuous delivery with Postman confidence.

Three products, one design system

Avatar of Darren Hoyt Darren Hoyt

A look into our approach to building a design system that unifies design and development across multiple products.

Retaining tech talent

Avatar of Tim Meaney Tim Meaney, SVP Software

Highlights from Tim’s time on the Postlight Podcast discussing four key elements that drive retention on technical teams: connectedness, agency, growth, and modernity.

Design systems and trade-offs

Avatar of Jim Nielsen Jim Nielsen, Director of Design

Trade-offs don’t represent where you failed, they represent where you’ve made strategic bets.

Evolving our static site architecture

Avatar of Chris Lunsford Chris Lunsford, AVP, Engineering

Our journey from Windows to Docker to AWS CloudFront for hosting our static website content

Our path to CICD

Avatar of Shaun Abram Shaun Abram, Vice President, Head of Engineering

We are migrating our projects to a full CICD pipeline with a goal of Merge Request merge to production in less than 60 mins. This post is about why, the challenges, and measuring success

Hello world

Avatar of Jim Nielsen Jim Nielsen, Director of Design

We’re excited to announce tech.sagesure.com. Here’s a preview of how we built it and why.